Our Intelligent 3D Modeling and Design Systems

The primary focus of our firm is to provide engineering services to industrial clients by utilizing two software systems for detail design and drafting of industrial facilities: Aveva’s PDMS and AutoCAD. As a result, our business has grown from providing services to clients within our immediate geographical area to providing services across North America, Asia and South America.

PDMS Project Management

Used in over 30 countries, PDMS is managing projects in the chemical, oil, gas, nuclear, power, and pharmaceutical industries. PDMS has become the industry standard for 3D design engineering and its database is safeguarding project data worth many billions of dollars all over the world.

To supplement PDMS, NHWL uses AutoCAD to provide standard details to complete the design documents. Depending upon client requirements, all drawings generated by PDMS can be converted to AutoCAD format for the “record-set” drawing delivery. Other software utilized by NHWL’s design disciplines which can read and manipulate the PDMS data are:

Service System
Structural Analysis STAAD Pro/RamSteel
Pipe Stress Analysis Caesar II / Caepipe
Project Reports Aveva Engineering
Equipment/Instrument Data Aveva Engineering

Laser Scanning

The precision of modern Laser Scanners and their ability to capture existing large complex structures, equipment, and piping in great detail combined with 3D back modeling of existing elements changed NHWL’s approach to retrofit and balance of plant detail engineering. Engineers no longer have to gather existing plant data from out of date drawings but now can efficiently gather current data with laser scanning. Laser scanning is found to be invaluable when designing and building inside existing facilities.

AVEVA Diagrams™ Diagramming System for P&IDs

AVEVA Diagrams™

AVEVA Diagrams™ is an intelligent diagramming system for P&IDs, ducting schematics and similar diagrams. It enables the continuous saving of diagram objects directly to the AVEVA model database, as a diagram is created or modified. This technology delivers exceptional integration with AVEVA’s 3D design products and AVEVA Engineering via shared administration, report generation and data management capabilities.


AVEVA P&ID™ is an intelligent, AutoCAD-based P&ID application, where users automatically create intelligent, project-wide data as they draft P&IDs. It is quick to set up, easy to use, highly productive and includes extensive reporting tools. AVEVA P&ID can be used in stand-alone mode or as part of an integrated AVEVA Plant deployment.

AVEVA Instrumentation

Instrument and systems engineering, design, documentation and management for the entire asset lifecycle. AVEVA Instrumentation™ is a proven, feature-rich software suite for instrumentation and control engineering. Its advanced graphical user interfaces, extensive use of design rules and catalogues for data creation, and maximum workflow flexibility make AVEVA Instrumentation the preferred choice for projects of all sizes.

Multi-disciplinary Data and Designs

AVEVA Electrical

AVEVA Electrical™ is a feature-rich software suite for electrical engineering and design. It gives the user the ability to create and manage electrical engineering data, design data and documentation. Considerable cost savings are made possible through a wide range of flexible automated inputs and outputs.

AVEVA Engineering

AVEVA Engineering™ enables multi-disciplinary teams of engineers to work effectively together to develop the detailed definition of all the key engineering items involved in the project. It typically manages the data for key project documents such as process and mechanical datasheets, tag registers, line lists, equipment lists and valve lists. It is highly versatile and configurable and can be applied to a wide variety of project data. Sophisticated data management tools enable each discipline to retain full control of its own data whilst being able to access and reference data from other disciplines.

AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator

AVEVA Schematic 3D Integrator™ (Integrator) is an additional option for AVEVA PDMS™ users that enables them to work in an ‘integrated’ mode, where 3D designers can make use of both P&ID and engineering data as they work. This gives PDMS users the ability to create piping directly from a P&ID, create graphical P&ID/3D comparison reports and include P&ID and engineering data in all kinds of deliverables and consistency checks. This functionality is all included as standard with AVEVA Everything3D™.

Structural Steel and Concrete Design

Tekla has many unique features for optimized concrete and steel design. Tekla assists engineering with quick comparison of alternative design schemes through to cost-effective change management. Tekla interoperability with STAAD allows NHWL to quickly create geometry for structural steel analysis of buildings, and interoperability with pdms for clash management and close coordination of plant design and change management with all disciplines of engineering.

Samples of Our Work

Core Disciplines

Gadgets in particular are small tools powered by electronic principles.

Design Systems

We utilize Aveva’s PDMS and AutoCAD for detail design and drafting projects.

Global Projects

We provide intelligent 3D modeling and projects documentation across the globe.